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The Legend of Zelda mighty twilight princess statue

April 24, 2008

So here I was waiting patiently on a thursday morning for a package with Wii Fit to arrive that I did not even think of what was inside this huge box. I had been waiting for over a month for the hard earned Zelda statue that I gotten after scratching my way into 14000 worth of Club Nintendo stars in an afternoon. I pretty much had very litlle faith but for a glimpse of hope given by a very kind Nintendo staff member that promised to get it sorted for me.

But moving on I opened the box to find out that it was indeed the statue and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be like! It is said that pictures can reveal more than words sometimes so I will let you readers see just how incredible this statue is. It is a most worthy price for playing all those quality Nintendo games in the last few years and something that I will have to display for sure.

I would like to thank Nintendo if any staff member ever comes across this for all the hard work put into making the stars catalogue so rewarding and for the brilliant games I played.