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Wii fit launch

April 23, 2008

With the real launch starting off on friday today’s event was more about persuading as many people as possible to get into the Wii Fit idea. In all honesty that was not a problem already as millions of people had pre ordered the title meaning it already sold out in most places as it is. When I read about this launch I was more than willing to go and try the game myself for the simple reason that I wanted to see if the Wii Balance board really did wonders. To start off as I made my way to the event it was pouring rain like it was still Winter time. This did not dissuade me from going though as I expected the event to be inside a building but was I in for a surprise. As I got there a bit late at around 10 30 AM activities were already underway. I was surprised to only see some famous people on this rather incredible house display very fittingly demonstrating the Wii Fit game.