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Apollo Justice Ace Attorney review

May 17, 2008

Apollo Justice review

As you noticed in the title it seems that the mighty Phoenix Wright has gone into early retirement. At least the ace attorney title is in very good hands as the four cases within this game demonstrate. The game continues the tradition of high quality text story telling with more updated feel to it. As the title suggests your now in control of Apollo Justice with his own special ability to aid him in court. The game is supposed to follow on 7 years from the previous installment of the ace attorney game, so answers a few questions as to what happened during this time.



Bleach DS review

February 28, 2008

As a long time fan of the long running anime I knew that this game had to be checked out thoroughly. Although it finally made the jump from Japan to the rest of the world concluding with Europe at the end of February 2008, this took a while to happen as the Japanese version was out about two years ago.I do not own the English version of the game as I imported the Japanese version those two years ago and do not regret such a choice. The initial concept of the game is that is a fighter developed by the much praised Treasure inc. This theme fits the game perfectly as the anime itself focuses mainly on the constant fights Ichigo and his friends must endure in order to save the day. With this in mind the game follows the initial storyline arch which covers roughly the sixty four first episodes. In order to not spoil it for anyone I will not go into details of the story in this review.


Sonic Rush review

November 20, 2006

  As the first outing of everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog on the ds handheld, this game had a lot to live up to. In early days a demo of a sonic game was shown around with the ds launch back earlier on the year. Many criticised it not knowing that the game they seen paled in comparison to what really was in development. And that’s where sonic  rush comes in because its finally out and for those curious to know more about it , here’s the real deal , from someone who has been playing it a lot since it’s release. 


Sega Casino review

November 10, 2006

It’s a big gamble for sega’s new casino game but is it a full house for the game or was it just not worth the effort? Find out more in this review.