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A SEGA clothing tribute of epic proportions

May 2, 2008

So I was walking in Oxford Street on the way back from university when I go past UNIQLO and notice something truly fantastic. In a section near the entrance a staff member was already near finished putting up the most incredible SEGA tribute stand full of tshirts with all sorts of SEGA characters on them. A quick glance at the 2 for £20 sign and 5 minutes later I was walking out of the shop with two marvellous Sonic themed tshirts and in a small size too no less!

It certainly put a smile on my face after my xbox 360 stopped working and instead gave me a nice black screen with moving dots on wednesday. As for the tshirts they are of very high quality and should be avaiable from your nearest UNIQLO in the UK at £13 each tshirt or the 2 for £20 promotion mentioned.

Blue hero here bringing you the videogame related joys of this world.


The Legend of Zelda mighty twilight princess statue

April 24, 2008

So here I was waiting patiently on a thursday morning for a package with Wii Fit to arrive that I did not even think of what was inside this huge box. I had been waiting for over a month for the hard earned Zelda statue that I gotten after scratching my way into 14000 worth of Club Nintendo stars in an afternoon. I pretty much had very litlle faith but for a glimpse of hope given by a very kind Nintendo staff member that promised to get it sorted for me.

But moving on I opened the box to find out that it was indeed the statue and it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be like! It is said that pictures can reveal more than words sometimes so I will let you readers see just how incredible this statue is. It is a most worthy price for playing all those quality Nintendo games in the last few years and something that I will have to display for sure.

I would like to thank Nintendo if any staff member ever comes across this for all the hard work put into making the stars catalogue so rewarding and for the brilliant games I played.


Cosplayers Unite!

March 5, 2008

It has come to my attention that there will be an attempt at getting as many people as possible dressed up in full gaming costume very soon. The idea is to break the record of most game related costume dressed humans in one spot. So if you feel like putting yourself forever on the pages of next year’s Guiness gaming book edition then head down to London on the 18th March 2008 at 11 spot on am in the morning.

 I know for sure that a certain lady will be there in her NiGHTS costume along with a in full Sonic gear A silent master assassin might join them as well with some luck if he can use his sneaky skills to get out of University earlier that day. 😉

 Here is more information with some doodles thrown in for good effect and do come and join in the fun as there will be some sort of prizes too for everyone.

For more info click here