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The virtua fighter within me

October 26, 2007

So today after forgetting my keys, and only coming home after 8 when my mother arrived from work, there was a pleasant surprise for me. A few weeks back I managed to order Virtua fighter 5 from amazon at £25 which must have been a misprice. I thought it would be cancelled but somehow it didn’t and after getting a delivery email yesterday, it was here today! I haven’t played it yet but the surprise didn’t end there.

On another package which was named after my mother I gave to her to open. I forgot that my ebay account still has her name in the delivery address, which meant it had something for me. It was nothing less than 2 SEGA Saturn games that I won, which I thought had been lost after a 2 week wait. Now the best bit was one of them was Virtua Fighter kids, that I used to play a lot when I borrowed it from a friend years ago. As you can see now not only do I have the latest version of the game but also a new addiction in the form of a old spin off. Whenever I get to write those promised review I will make sure to do one for Virtua Fighter 5 too.

For now all I can say is:

“Fight one, ready, go! “


Wii Play on the bus

October 23, 2007

A short entry about one of the most bizarre experiences that happened to me in a while. I was coming home from University and after I catched the bus, something on the floor in the upper deck caught my attention. For some reason someone seems to have decided to throw away 2 manuals for the Wii remote packagings . I did not really think much as it seems people throw away all kinds of left over in buses. The best part was when I went to the seat down, and there under my seat laid the Wii Play box. At first I started imagining opening it to find a game but everything was there but the actual disk. So, I ended up putting this box in my bag and who knows if there is some way to get a replacement disk from Nintendo?

As any readers can see every day living in London can be a real surprise.

Lost in a harmonious sonata

October 21, 2007

This last thursday I came home to find a package that had arrived, which is quite normal. What made it stand from all other ordinaire mail was that it contained one of the games I have been eagerly for thr last year. As everyone knows the xbox 360 has been lacking RPG games, with only a few releases including Enchanted Arms and Blue Dragon.With this fact in mind the game that I got was Eternal Sonata and so far it has not dissapointed me for one second. All I can say is everytime I think of this game nothing short of wonderfull comes to mind. The story is intricate and abosrbed instantly into the world created by it, and most important was that it made me care for its characters. As for the combat system it is so unique that I can’t remember ever feeling completely in controll of every action within a game.Now coming to its next strong point which is the music aspect, I must say it is some of the best I ever heard within videogames. Every melody seems to have come out of a live concert, being orchestrated by the best classical musicians in the world! As for the environments I have honestly had times where I would stand still, while just absorbing everything around my character.

In short I cannot recommend this game to any RPG and music fan out there as it is a incredible experience. On a last note I would like to apologise to any readers, as I have not been able to update often. I will most definetly try to put up a few reviews and other events that happened such as my night at the Halo 3 premiere here soon.

The Halo fever

September 16, 2007

Today marks exactly about 12 days from what is expected to be the biggest release in the history of video games. Having been caught up in the excitement that has been going around I could not stop but wonder how the franchise became so popular. In my opinion what made it a favorite for all the fans is the fantastic online system introduced in the 2nd game. I probably spent a few hours myself playing online, but have to admit that the story mode was the same quality of Hollywood blockbusters.

Having already made my mind up about buying the game I though that I would make it more special by pre ordering the Legendary edition. To those wondering it is a highly limited and equally expensive version of the game that comes with a replica of the main character’s helmet. To my surprise when I went and pre order in August, as advised by a staff member a few months back, it was already sold out. I did manage to get a pre order on a site which last week cancelled it due to not having stock for everyone. but that is where my luck begun to roll in as someone I know was going to cancel his order, which resulted in me paying him for it. The result of this plan is not yet revealed but hopefully unlike Masterchief’s adventure, it will not be filled with dangerous plot twists.

The conclusion to all of this is that a small proportion of gamers have also found themselves very lucky this weekend. It has been reported that stores across Europe and the States have been selling copies of the game to some gamers. I can confirm from making a new friend on xbox live which has already finished the game and earned his achievements, that at least most of the report is indeed true. So it seems that I have caught the Halo 3 bug and as soon as I have played through it, I will be sure to post a review of the game. For now all that we can do is wait for the fight to begin in a few days, so see you on the battlefield soldiers. 🙂

Also what is in your opinion the finest moment in the Halo series that made it become so popular?