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Samba de amigo preview

July 1, 2008

I never had the chance to shake those maracas in the original dreamcats game so I jumped at the chance of doing it on this new Wii version. While brief my time with the game was definetly something I never experienced before in rhythm based videogames.



Super Smash Bros Brawl London launch

July 1, 2008

While competitors for the Gamestation tournamanent were home practising for the weekend’s tournament I decided to go and have a look on the official launch for the game in Oxford Street’s GAME store. As advertised on the store it would be right on launch day which would be friday 27th June 2008. There would be a competition for best Nintendo related costume so to blend in I decided to bring out the Apollo Justice costume I had.


Sonic Chronicles preview

June 22, 2008


On the 19th of June 2008 I was kindly invited to come and try a few levels from the upcoming Sonic Chronicles videogame at a Sonic fans exclusive taster. As I had been following the title closely with much excitement it was an opportunity not to be missed so I could try it. The event took place in the swanky Wii Flat in London and our hosts from SEGA had a few surprises up their sleeves.


Alone in the Dark preview

June 16, 2008

On the 23rd May I was invited to play the fantastic upcoming new entry in the Alone in the Dark series. As I had previously had the honour of seeing another presentation at Atari headquarters I was very interested in trying to spot any improvements made since then.


Wii fit launch

April 23, 2008

With the real launch starting off on friday today’s event was more about persuading as many people as possible to get into the Wii Fit idea. In all honesty that was not a problem already as millions of people had pre ordered the title meaning it already sold out in most places as it is. When I read about this launch I was more than willing to go and try the game myself for the simple reason that I wanted to see if the Wii Balance board really did wonders. To start off as I made my way to the event it was pouring rain like it was still Winter time. This did not dissuade me from going though as I expected the event to be inside a building but was I in for a surprise. As I got there a bit late at around 10 30 AM activities were already underway. I was surprised to only see some famous people on this rather incredible house display very fittingly demonstrating the Wii Fit game.


Cosplayers united for world domination

March 21, 2008

As some of you may remember there was going to be an attempt at putting together as many people dressed in gaming costumes in one place. I managed to set some free time aside and put on my assassin costume to go to the event on the 18th March 2008.

                                                      The lovely TriPPY, the mighty assassin and super sonic DiGi

                       The lovely TRiPPY, your silent assassin and super sonic DiGi 

After braving some fierce wind that almost blew me off into the Thames let alone make it very hard to keep the costume in place. I eventually reached the Tate Modern and was greeted by a marching group of people already there. I was slighly confused at first by the sight of people walking up and down while some random photographers snapped happily away at the sight.  For most of the event I was simply hiding at the back which gave me the chance to meet the very lovely NiGHTS lady herself with her other half in Sonic gear. I also started to bump into a lot of familiar faces from around the net which made it all better like Vger dressed as tails from the Sonic Stadium and the great Cat in full Lara Croft mode.

                                                    Ulala’s swinging report

                                               Ulala’s swinging report

 It was while the group started heading down the bridge for a main photo that I noticed the one and only Mr Richard Jaqques. I couldnt resist going over to say hello and I suppose thank him for all the stellar gaming music he composed! After this  we were instructed to go take some photos on a Sun newspaper branded bus. There was nothing else to note but the fact that 90 odd people managed to turn up and make this a worthy entry into the record books. I somehow got interviewed for the xbox magazine so hopefully photos of my assassin costume will not infuriate anyone for not being too good.


                             Naughty assassin gets punished by Miss Vona Karma 🙂

                    (thanks for taking the photo with me if you ever come across this)

  I met some fantastic people at the event that were wearing  some incredible costumes. In all honesty I never done anything like this and was there more for a moral boost but glad I could help out and do my bit.


                                  Tails gets ready for a batlle of the tails with starfox


                                              Lara Croft ready for the next fight


                                                       Flying the good flag


                                                  Dreams can become true

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Rainbox Six Vegas 2 event

February 25, 2008

With the imminent release of Rainbow six Vegas 2 I was deeply curious by what kind of extras the game would get.  As luck would have it while browsing the official ubisoft forums for answers as to what my newly pre ordered bonus edition from the Ubistore would contain, I was deeply surprised by a certain topic. In it a very kind ubisoft staff member was inviting members to participate in the chance to get an early preview of the game. As I thought that I might as well give it a try and enter I was surprised  a week later by a mysterious email that was in my inbox. It was nothing less than an invite to this preview of the game as it seemed that my entry was worthy enough.