Super Smash Bros Brawl London launch

While competitors for the Gamestation tournamanent were home practising for the weekend’s tournament I decided to go and have a look on the official launch for the game in Oxford Street’s GAME store. As advertised on the store it would be right on launch day which would be friday 27th June 2008. There would be a competition for best Nintendo related costume so to blend in I decided to bring out the Apollo Justice costume I had.


                                      Some people having a smashing time at the game

On the day I found out that when they said Nintendo costume it was not from any game in Nintendo consoles but only in the Smash bros series. The leaflet was not this explicit but for my effort the organisers let me enter and even had a few laughs. The launch itself was nothing spectacular and instead was more of a reserved affair. After I filled out a form and got a nice photo of me in costume I was given out this very nice Smash bros poster. Then I was invited to play on a nearby set up wii with 3 other players and had a few fun matches.



                                                                   A display for the game

It was incredible to see barely anyone willing to have a go or even showing much interest in the game, but then again the fans were problably home glued to the tv screen. As a first time playing a smash bros game I was definetly impressed by the superb multiplayer and how easy it was to learn to play! After getting my pre ordered limited edition of the game which was really an extra slipcase and 2 postcards I left and went home to play it. It was most unfortunate to realise then that I had not cancelled my pre order which meant I ended up with two games, which is just brilliant.


                                                   The limited edition in all its glory

In the mean time I will see all of you who have the game online for a brawl!

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