Samba de amigo preview

I never had the chance to shake those maracas in the original dreamcats game so I jumped at the chance of doing it on this new Wii version. While brief my time with the game was definetly something I never experienced before in rhythm based videogames.

The controls were all working rather well and movements were mapped quickly on screen. As it was a very early version there were not a lot of songs to try but it was promised that the full game would have a whole new lot.What I found most difficult being left handed was perhaps using the nunshuck on the left and wii remote on right. I always used them the other way around and for some reason it felt unnatural and I even missed most notes until someone pointed out I was using them the wrong way.

I actualy inquired but there was no left handed choice at the time. Other than that the game is in full swing graphically and already has the whole colourful them going for it.  This is a game that  I will definetly be looking forward to and hopefully will have more play time with in the near future.

For now here is a video of some very cool people playing it!

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4 Comments on “Samba de amigo preview”

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  2. Razien Says:

    I’m left handed too, and it’s quite sad when games on the Wii don’t support controls for us.
    I never played the original, but everybody loves this game, so I’ll give it a chance.

  3. […] Samba de Amigo video. This looks actually quite fun. Not quite a day one buy yet, but getting closer. […]

  4. JimmyC Says:

    I played a preview version of this the other day and it was pretty cool – make sure you get the alignments right is all i can say… good soundtrack though, plenty of classics to shake along too…

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