Wii Fit review

To review a game like Wii fit can be quite hard as there is no traditional ending to it as it can go on for as long as it is used. In order to really get the most out of this software I decided to first try it out for a whole month by taking part on the exercises/games every day. I do admit to having missed a few days due to exams and other commitments but for what is worth partaking on Wii fit really had an effect on me.

While most people have a certain perspective of Wii fit in that it is only there to help you lose weight I was going to try it for other reasons. As I dont really have to worry much about weight being quite under weight as the software told me on my first time( 43 kg) I wanted to see what effect it would have on my posture and physique overall. So I started out on the day it came out and was quite surprised by what the initial body test had told me. Just by doing a couple of balance games it had found that my gravity point was relying heavily on my left side which could have consequences such as a hunched back when I was older. In the simplicity of the software lies its biggest strength as just about anyone could use the software and understand the instructions on screen to start off with this body test and then go on to do exercises/games that help the body maximise its potential.

After doing the body test I was shown to the main menu where I decided to do some of the Yoga poses as a starter. These I have to say are quite high tech and with the help of the balance board can really pinpoint exactly every movement you do. It meant that if you take it seriously every yoga move can really help to stretch and relax a certain part of the body. I found these to be a handy way to sleep more quickly by doing some before sleeping which made me much less tense. The next section I tried was the balance games which may not have much in making the body more flexible but had a huge impact on how I did something as simple as walking. In each of the balance games the key to sucess is to use lower body movements wisely work on the tasks at hand. In each game the balance board really did wonders as I found myself moving from side to to trying to hit footballs, use my weight to get marbles into holes and a lot more.

Then there are exercises used to burn calories which were quite few and relied on faster movements. I definetly liked the hoola hoops out of this section the most not only because it could make wonders to align my pelvis but was a lot of fun! The rest of the games included jogging which was quite a workout in the longer runs and can really prove to be a workout. Then there is this slow step dance that I am still bad at problably from being used to something faster with the dance revolutions games and another confusing boxing exercise.The last section was all about muscle building with exercises meant to make for making the body more tough. I quite liked these as well and all of them were accurate in terms of how my movements were tracked.

I would have to say that as a package put together there is quite an impressive number to choose from and do everyday. In order to get users to come back the software makes use of a clock which unlocks more games and difficulty levels each time a certain play time has been reached. There are some games which will problably confuse people such as the boxing and step dancing. I would like to say practise would do it but they just dont seem to work too well with the balance board which takes some time to respond when playing them. In contrast the res tof the games are a pleasure to play and there is a real sense of achievement in playing each day and seeing the improvements made. The body test can also be done everyday and on my part I felt proud to see how my gravity point of pressure keeps getting better and how my wii age is now equal to my real age literally everyday.

In terms of how long it can last it really depends on the individual and the purpose for using Wii fit. I wanted to see exactly how my posture was and what kind of exercise my body could handle which surprised me when I could do all of the exercises quite well. In the month and beyond I been using Wii fit I was more attentious to how I walked and to make sure to straighten my back among other details that I learned from my time using Wii fit. I am not sure if the software could help someone who wanted to lose weight but I believe that it at least can be part of a healthier lifestyle. As of lately I admit to not have used it a lot but I truly believe that I will go to it and some point. What I learned while playing Wii fit was quite important and as a result I learned a lot about my body and how to maximise its potential. I definetly recommend Wii fit but in order to really make the most of it I recommend setting a goal and keep with it like I did throughout playing the game.

I can’t really score a game like this due to its nature of not having specific goals but the balance board work perfectly with most of the games offered on Wii fit.

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