Alone in the Dark preview

On the 23rd May I was invited to play the fantastic upcoming new entry in the Alone in the Dark series. As I had previously had the honour of seeing another presentation at Atari headquarters I was very interested in trying to spot any improvements made since then.


When I arrived at the cinema in Hampstead I was surprised to see quite a few familiar faces at the event as well as some friends. The event started off with a presentation by none other than the lovely producer Miss Noir Polloni explaining how the game worked. This presentation included a question and answer sessions but since I had already asked questions previopusly on a phone comference with the producer I really did not think of anything to ask. After this very detailed presentation finished it was time to go and try the game in another room.

I do mean try because the room was quite popular for most of the time with everyone having a go on the game. As I could stay longer it meant I stayed in the area below chatting for a bit with some friendly people I knew and the producer of the game. It really was a fantastic opportunity as I got to know quite a lot about how the gaming industry worked and also can tell you that the enthusiasm behind everyone that worked on Alone in the Dark is worth buying it alone! When the moment came of playing the game I could have quite literally have spent the whole afternoon playing it.

I got started off in the intro to the game and playing all the way through to when the game really begings getting serious. In terms of anything improved from my previous visit I could see that the AI for other characters was a lot more advanced with a companion being shown in the presentation being much more wary of incoming danger. The controls for the game were a loy easier to get used to than I would have thought. There are quite a few to learn but it all works when needed which is what was necessary and the camera follow Carnby around without any of the usual falling deaths. I also got to experiment one of the game’s best features which was the fire physics.

In using a fire extinguisher I could see exactly how flammes reacted to the foam and how the fire extended to furniture it came in contact. Another part that I really liked but did not try was the driving sequence which was a swift change from the main game and was a real treat to watch in action. I also noticed a few subtle changes such as Carnby’s physical appearance which was now more older and with some traits which the story would explain. The intro left me feeling truly interested in the story as the script really seemed like something that would be rewarding to see all the way through. There were no other apparent changes I could see from the event but for the game looking even better visually than before which was already quite astonishing to look at.

As mentioned the event was a great way to introduce anyone that had not been following to the game’s production and a lot of people I spoke to left with posotive impressions and with a desire to make it a purchase. The game comes out on the 20th June and I definetly recommend it to anyone interested as it is a quality title not to be missed. I will definetly do a more detailed review as well for anyone still having doubts after reading this previw and the previous presentation as soon as I get the game on launch week.

Thank you for reading and also a huge thank you to everyone at Atari for making my visit possible.

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