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I would like to start off by saying that in comparison with the first game this has quite a lot more violence in it. The fight against the mystery forces that are trying to take over the city continue as our protagonist gets called back in to lend a helping hand. This character is now completely different from the Ethan that we all knew from the first game and resembles someone out of all those action movies as a result. In terms of the story it continues where the first game ended and goes out of the way to answer many questions while making a whole new lot for the next sequel surely. In the meantime the story explains all the odd events that happened in the first game but somehow makes the game seem less mysterious due its gameplay explained later on.

While the story is not extraordinaire material the locatiions where the levels are placed are darker than before. There are some truly brilliant details such as the black liquid that has corroded much of the first level and the shadow texturing does a stellar job of setting up a dark eerie mood. While the first game focused a lot on darkness and sounds to make players jump at the sudden sight of deranged enemies this game goes further by adding all these disturbing visions that Ethan starts experiencing. The visuals are a lot more detailed than in the first game and help in create a very convincing environment that has been taken over by supernatural forces.

In terms of the enemies  this time around they are a lot more advanced and can prove to be tricky to defeat. The combat system has changed entirely from the first game as well which makes it a whole new learning experience from those used to the first game. The standard crazy homeless people now can defend so well that it takes a few times to get the hang of the new system. The trick is that by using both triggers the player can use both hands in combat with one first mapped to one of th triggers. When a trigger for one hand is pressed that fist or weapon will be used but with poor timing the enemy will be able to defend which will put you in a sort of daze for a few seconds and so open to attacks. The same can be said about enemies if you let them hit while you defend at the right time by using but triggers  and leave an open window to attack. As you move on levels more supernatuarl beings will start to appear as well as some new powers for Mr Ethan. The use of guns in these later levels makes them easier and ammo is not much of an issue either. While more new weapons make for new ideas of how enemies can die it also makes the game a whole lot easier and this considering I was playing on the “hard” mode.

Another gameplay area that has been improved was the crime scene investigation that made the first game that bit more enjoyable. This time around the game does guide you while investigating but instead throws a lot of questions to see if a player has been paying attention and knows which one to go for. This does make it more interesting and this time around can be skipped for those that are just looking for a bit of action. The game also got rid of collecting birds/badges/tvs  and now requires you to go around watching tvs, listening to radios and destroying gadgets. As in the previous game there are rewards for going through these extra elements of gameplay such as artwork and other features.

The single player part of the game is just as enjoyable as the first game if only a tad on the short side but perhaps it was why the developers decided to the add multiplayer section. This part of the game has many maps that can be unlocked as each level is finished and was called “Hobo Club”. The idea is promising but at the end of the day all that can be done is just to add types of enemies and weapons to have in a match and then go about beating them to death with those weapons. In the first few times playing it does make for a bit of fun but the same happens within the actual game and at least there is a purpose in it. There is an online multiplayer section too which has a few modes for players to go batlle it out. The problem is that most of these modes are quite confusing and so it all goes down as to who can swing a pipe faster while running around the map beating up whoever comes across. From the times I played the goal was always so baffling that everyone  just resorted to hitting each other most of the times. The whole problem is that Condemned is an excellent game  meant to be played alone and best in the dark, so all these added elements don’t really feel like they belong in it. The multiplayer part would have suited a game where fast shooting was the main purpose while Condemned 2 is more about thinking when best to use a weapon while also thinking of defending any attacks.

In the whole experience Condemned 2 manages to improve on some aread of the original game while having a few setbacks. The single player game can be quite short but there is the element of collecting to add a few hours to it. In introducing more guns with ammo being given generously it makes it a whole lot easier and so makes the player less preoccupied with using bullets. This makes even the “Hard” mode seem easier than it problably would have been if each bullet mattered but the sections with only melee weapons do make for some frightening times. I did not mention the element of music much because there is not much to comment on as the game focuses more on sounds that may give youy location to enemies and such. As mentioned the single player experience is excellent and deserves a high score if not for the multiplayer side bringing it down. I recommend the game for playing through for the story as it ties up a lot of loose ends that were left in the first game.




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