Apollo Justice Ace Attorney review

Apollo Justice review

As you noticed in the title it seems that the mighty Phoenix Wright has gone into early retirement. At least the ace attorney title is in very good hands as the four cases within this game demonstrate. The game continues the tradition of high quality text story telling with more updated feel to it. As the title suggests your now in control of Apollo Justice with his own special ability to aid him in court. The game is supposed to follow on 7 years from the previous installment of the ace attorney game, so answers a few questions as to what happened during this time.

In terms of visuals the game is still more or less the same as all previous installments which is more of a compliment. As this is a Ds specifically created title there are some parts where the game shows use of very nice movies. The character sprite animations and backgrounds are still the same but continue to be just as unique. Each case brings with it many new characters to get to know and the brilliant text really makes you feel like your getting to know each of them. So it is more of them same but with the quality that was already in the game it really does not matter.

The gameplay of the game still revolves around investigating areas for clues which are to be used in trial during witness questionning. The best part is that the scientific investigation parts have returned from the 1st game and with added features. It makes the game much longer and makes for quite a bit of fun trying to map objects to their owners among other interesting findings. Another new improvement is the special power that Apollo has which is used during questionning. This power of perception makes it easy to spot lies during certain parts by finding involuntary movements witnesses may do when lying. It sure will come in handy and specially when dealing with the new god of rock prosecutor Klavier Gavin. There are a few more new features which I will not go due to the element of surprise that make up later parts of the game.

As always the game is didvided into cases and even though this game only contains 4 of them it makes for a very compelling journey. As mentioned in ace attorney games it is all about how well the story progresses and the dialogue makes up for some rather unique times while playing it. The only downside is that once finished there is not much to go back to as the twists are already uncovered but while it last it is a game not to be missed. It does not make much to push the series further but introducing a whole new set of compelling characters which is always welcome. At least the game follows a formula and does it really well while at it which means the only downside is when it is over and players are left looking forward to more. A brilliant sucessor to Phoenix Wright that I am sure will give Apollo many follow up sequels to come.


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