Wii fit launch

With the real launch starting off on friday today’s event was more about persuading as many people as possible to get into the Wii Fit idea. In all honesty that was not a problem already as millions of people had pre ordered the title meaning it already sold out in most places as it is. When I read about this launch I was more than willing to go and try the game myself for the simple reason that I wanted to see if the Wii Balance board really did wonders. To start off as I made my way to the event it was pouring rain like it was still Winter time. This did not dissuade me from going though as I expected the event to be inside a building but was I in for a surprise. As I got there a bit late at around 10 30 AM activities were already underway. I was surprised to only see some famous people on this rather incredible house display very fittingly demonstrating the Wii Fit game.

Welcome to the house of fitness

The Wii fit house where famous people showed off the game

It was when I came that this demonstration came to an end and with only a few people around of which most had professional cameras, it seemed that I would not play much of the game. I was rather surprised to notice then that the press got this huge marquee to play the game to their heart’s content away from the pouring rain and with a freebies bag too. But luckily I am quite persistant and so went to ask a few nice Nintendo staff members if there was going to be a way to try the game so I could write up some impressions for my all important readers. I was then told that there were units for the public to play but had to be taken away because of the rain as we had to play it outside. It was most fortunate that they had a sudden chance of opinion when it started raining less and got it all set up.

Wii fit on the big screen

A shot of the game being played on one of the two big screens

Sports presenter Gabby Logan and husband Kenny playing

Sports presenter Gabby Logan and husband Kenny playing

Model Nell Mcandrew getting ready to play...

Model Nell Mcandrew getting ready to play…

As the only one that was not gaming press hanging around I was very lucky to get quite a lot of time playing the game. My guide started off by showing me how the initial test was done by having me do it. I was asked to input some data based on my body such as height and age, which was followed by the game taking my weight and point of pressure. I would like to add that contrary to popular belief the game can also show you your weight in Kg/stones and not only the rather confusing BMI system. I was very impressed by the results and how they made me think more about my health straight away from the response. In terms of weight compared to my height it said that I was actualy slightly underweight at 44.5 kg but the guide said that BMI is a quite general system, so it doesnt take into effect unique features like bone structure. The most important feedback was how I actualy put more pressure on my left side which apparently can lead to some back problems in the future. The last part of the test was to actualy try to stand up with only one leg down while trying to balance this dot in the middle. It was quite funny to see how unbalanced I was as I was off the line for a few time.

Where the public got to play outside

The units being used for the public to play

After this the game gave me my age and I was taken straight into the game menu to choose one to try. As I mentioned I stuck around for a while so got to try most of the games avaiable in the event. What really impressed me most about the experience was how precise the board was at picking up signals. Even if I shifted my balance slightly more it would still register differently in the game I was playing. The games also depend more in skill gained with practise from playing over time which gives it more replayability. I was a bit concerned that playing each game once would be enough but I honestly just wanted to have another go to try and improve from the last time. In the games that I played I really liked the marbles game which has players trying to put them through a hole using only different pressure points.

The room where the lucky press played

The place where the press got to play

All the games worked exceedingly well and there was never a moment when I wanted to do an action with it not registering. The selection of the games is also varied ranging from fun moments such as the ski events to more serious exercise such as yoga positions. As for the board itself it is of high quality and lasted all the rain so you can see why such a price tag for the whole package. In the time observing other people playing the game I was taken back by how much fun everyone was having. the age group that came along to have a go was well varied and everyone left with an interest to purchase. As for me any doubts I had were quiakly cast away by the quality of the game and the peripheral so lookout for a more in depth review soon.

Wii fit is out this friday 25th April 2008 and wil cost £69.99 with the board peripheral and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun title.

The game box

Here is the game box in all its glory and it is not actualy even that heavy.

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    my man diogo straight on the scene 😉

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