Rainbox Six Vegas 2 event

With the imminent release of Rainbow six Vegas 2 I was deeply curious by what kind of extras the game would get.  As luck would have it while browsing the official ubisoft forums for answers as to what my newly pre ordered bonus edition from the Ubistore would contain, I was deeply surprised by a certain topic. In it a very kind ubisoft staff member was inviting members to participate in the chance to get an early preview of the game. As I thought that I might as well give it a try and enter I was surprised  a week later by a mysterious email that was in my inbox. It was nothing less than an invite to this preview of the game as it seemed that my entry was worthy enough.


When the day came I woke up pretty early and just about got there with about 5 minutes spare before the bus took off for the event. As our ride got to the place where the event was going to be held in I was looking forward to playing the game a lot. To my surprise we spent all morning playing it which meant I got some serious practise. To start off we had a four on four multiplayer match in various modes. What I noticed instantly was how the level designs were much more improved from the first game. There were many routes to choose from when going around and best of all was how easy it was to memorize them. I found myself not going to the same spot every time because of how every part of the level had an interesting aspect to explore.

In terms of the game play I was very impressed by the addition of being able to run around the levels. This might have made it less tactical but made the game more exciting, as someone could come out of nowhere quite quickly, and point blank shoot you.. Another aspect of game play was how the guns felt somehow more responsive compared to the first game. The idea of using bullet sensibly is still a big part as the enemy could easily shoot you down while reloading. During the various modes that we played I was very pleased with some of them as I never played them in the original. The best was that because the controls felt more natural and with the aid of the run button someone as inexperienced as myself improved quite a bit. I was also going up against some talented people and most important of all friendly, which made the whole multiplayer experience very enjoyable

In between these multiplayer sessions we were also allowed to have a go on the Co-Op mode. In this event we were able to play this mode where a certain number of terrorists had to be eliminated. It emphasised on the Co-op part as I found that it was best to play in full groups of four so we could help each other out. I thoroughly enjoyed this mode as it involved getting some handy tips from other players and just having fun overall. Also throughout the morning it is to be mentioned that the visuals in the game already looked very detailed. Considering that it was not even the final build of the game which meant that it would look even better in a few weeks’ time. I had a thoroughly much better time with this 2nd game than playing through the first. It is not that I did not like the first game but I just felt like a better player at it after our multiplayer session. I was very lucky to have been invited and getting to play the game so early was indeed lucky of me


In the afternoon after a rather impressive lunch break me and the rest of my team were getting ready for some real terrorist eliminating. As it was the first time that I ever done anything like this I admit to have been hoping that I would not ruin it for the other guys. When invited not only did we get the chance to play the game but also have a go at Rainbow Six realistic training. The first part was the fantastic Warfighter staff teaching us how to use guns on paper targets. It was incredible to see how guns were really supposed to be held in real life and using them! The next part consisted of going through missions ranging from hostage rescue, tango eliminating and bomb diffusing. As we went through each mission I felt such a buzz of trying the tactics in simulated combat. I was also proud that our team made it through each mission even if we lost a few members along the way. I was quite the lucky one to only get hit on the knee pad and a few grazing bullets on my chest armour. This considering some of my team members went home with souvenirs in the form of arm wounds made me quite lucky but it was a lot of fun. In the end I had one of the best times ever and fantastic getting to see exactly why and how tactics were used in real life.

Overall the event was perfect and I was really glad to have been given a chance to go and participate in it. The game was looking brilliant on graphics and the game play and even though it was a must buy purchase, it truly made me want it even more! I would like to thank the ubisoft staff and everyone I met on the day and looking forward to going back to Vegas this Easter, so expect a review of it soon!

For more info on the game click here

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