The olympic gold medal fever

Last week on monday it was a very special day for this SEGA and most importantly Sonic fan in his life. In what seemed like the run up to the best day of my life I was invited to come play Mario and Sonic at the Olympics in the SEGA London offices. I would like to start out by thanking Kevin, Martin and anyone else who got involved in doing such an incredible special day for everyone that attended. As the first person to get there I was impressed by the layout of the reception itself andthe different rooms it lead to. As I offered myself to help with anything I could I noticed the effort being put into making this game a sucess. As seen in the photos below there were banners everywhere within the room and quite a lot of wiis to play on.

Moving on the event started out by having an introduction by the SEGA staff of the game and demonstrating how the controls worked for each game. After this all players were allowed to move around the 3 wiis and play each other in whatever event they wanted! By the end of this session I really liked both table tennis and the trampoline but the ideas behind each event were simply genious. After letting us train it was time to test out the dream events which were tough at first but made for a real riot in multiplayer. At the end there was a competition which I had no chance to win at all, and at the end a MArio fan won! He was quite lucky to get a lot of SEGA’s recent released games, as well as soundtracks and a few other bits. Since it seems I had most of the games though it was not all that bad and I knew straight away the competition was tougher as I am not that competitive anyway. 🙂

At the end I got to take yet another photo with the cool Sonic costume and also Mario costume. I was also impressed by how Kevin organized the whole event as it went so well that it truly was a special day for me. At the end of it he even gave me a Sonic team t shirt which I shall wear proudly no matter how big it is this friday to promote the game. I also got a really nice Sonic tshirt, virtua fighter 4 t shirt and Sonic mug from Martin for beating him at Virtua fighter 5 which was just too kind of him.

As for the game itself I was not expecting it to be the fantastic experience that I had. The controls for each event as mentioned were completely different for each one and worked just fine. Also there is more than the event as I was the only one to try the cool mini games at the event. These also came with history of past olympic events which I though was a neat way to learn facts and have fun. I was also sneaky to check that the game lets you upload the best scores for each event through wifi to compare them with worldwide players. I just cannot praise this game enough and very soon I shall be playing it as I typed this the game was being sent from the GAME site.

As a final note look out for me and my t shirt at my lunch break from Uni on the HMV official launch for this game between 12 pm and 3 pm!I definetly recommned this game for those looking for a multiplayer experience but it also works well in single player thanks to those records having to be broken, and it takes serious practise.

For now here are the promised videos and photos of the event and I urge everyone to at least try it as it is a special game.

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