The virtua fighter within me

So today after forgetting my keys, and only coming home after 8 when my mother arrived from work, there was a pleasant surprise for me. A few weeks back I managed to order Virtua fighter 5 from amazon at £25 which must have been a misprice. I thought it would be cancelled but somehow it didn’t and after getting a delivery email yesterday, it was here today! I haven’t played it yet but the surprise didn’t end there.

On another package which was named after my mother I gave to her to open. I forgot that my ebay account still has her name in the delivery address, which meant it had something for me. It was nothing less than 2 SEGA Saturn games that I won, which I thought had been lost after a 2 week wait. Now the best bit was one of them was Virtua Fighter kids, that I used to play a lot when I borrowed it from a friend years ago. As you can see now not only do I have the latest version of the game but also a new addiction in the form of a old spin off. Whenever I get to write those promised review I will make sure to do one for Virtua Fighter 5 too.

For now all I can say is:

“Fight one, ready, go! “

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