Lost in a harmonious sonata

This last thursday I came home to find a package that had arrived, which is quite normal. What made it stand from all other ordinaire mail was that it contained one of the games I have been eagerly for thr last year. As everyone knows the xbox 360 has been lacking RPG games, with only a few releases including Enchanted Arms and Blue Dragon.With this fact in mind the game that I got was Eternal Sonata and so far it has not dissapointed me for one second. All I can say is everytime I think of this game nothing short of wonderfull comes to mind. The story is intricate and abosrbed instantly into the world created by it, and most important was that it made me care for its characters. As for the combat system it is so unique that I can’t remember ever feeling completely in controll of every action within a game.Now coming to its next strong point which is the music aspect, I must say it is some of the best I ever heard within videogames. Every melody seems to have come out of a live concert, being orchestrated by the best classical musicians in the world! As for the environments I have honestly had times where I would stand still, while just absorbing everything around my character.

In short I cannot recommend this game to any RPG and music fan out there as it is a incredible experience. On a last note I would like to apologise to any readers, as I have not been able to update often. I will most definetly try to put up a few reviews and other events that happened such as my night at the Halo 3 premiere here soon.

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