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The Halo fever

September 16, 2007

Today marks exactly about 12 days from what is expected to be the biggest release in the history of video games. Having been caught up in the excitement that has been going around I could not stop but wonder how the franchise became so popular. In my opinion what made it a favorite for all the fans is the fantastic online system introduced in the 2nd game. I probably spent a few hours myself playing online, but have to admit that the story mode was the same quality of Hollywood blockbusters.

Having already made my mind up about buying the game I though that I would make it more special by pre ordering the Legendary edition. To those wondering it is a highly limited and equally expensive version of the game that comes with a replica of the main character’s helmet. To my surprise when I went and pre order in August, as advised by a staff member a few months back, it was already sold out. I did manage to get a pre order on a site which last week cancelled it due to not having stock for everyone. but that is where my luck begun to roll in as someone I know was going to cancel his order, which resulted in me paying him for it. The result of this plan is not yet revealed but hopefully unlike Masterchief’s adventure, it will not be filled with dangerous plot twists.

The conclusion to all of this is that a small proportion of gamers have also found themselves very lucky this weekend. It has been reported that stores across Europe and the States have been selling copies of the game to some gamers. I can confirm from making a new friend on xbox live which has already finished the game and earned his achievements, that at least most of the report is indeed true. So it seems that I have caught the Halo 3 bug and as soon as I have played through it, I will be sure to post a review of the game. For now all that we can do is wait for the fight to begin in a few days, so see you on the battlefield soldiers. 🙂

Also what is in your opinion the finest moment in the Halo series that made it become so popular?