Sonic Rush review

  As the first outing of everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog on the ds handheld, this game had a lot to live up to. In early days a demo of a sonic game was shown around with the ds launch back earlier on the year. Many criticised it not knowing that the game they seen paled in comparison to what really was in development. And that’s where sonic  rush comes in because its finally out and for those curious to know more about it , here’s the real deal , from someone who has been playing it a lot since it’s release. 

    The story once again focuses on the eternal fight between Dr Eggman and sonic, and this time mad Eggman has come up with another plan, to get the world under his control.What makes the story stand out this time though is that it’s got some real voice and also a script in the game sequences. And also not to forget the addiction of a new character to the already massive sonic world, one called Blaze the cat. What her purpose is to the game is unknown in the beginning which makes the game more interesting.     The graphics in sonic rush are perhaps one of those few games that has taken a huge advantage out of the ds so far. While the main levels focus on 2D backgrounds and detailed sprites, boss battles are different. These are all in 3D and from the first boss I seen so far it’s looking impressive because it really makes great use of the screen. Even better though as the main characters and how they are also rendered in main 3D sprites. It’s an idea that works because there are parts in the game where sonic seems to literally jump out of the screen and be really near to the player ! Level design is impressive and the fact that there are 2 screens available to play on makes them huge and really fun to appreciate while playing through them.     

The sound in the game is some of the best music in game levels I heard in ages. Every level gets a whole different soundtrack and most of them have got lyrics that make them much more pleasurable to listen to. They aren’t annoying at all and really are all that sonic is about, a fast beat sound track to a game which focuses on high speed gaming. Also it’s so cool to have voices in the game because it makes it that much more credible to listen to Eggman shout at sonic. And these aren’t so bad as well because most seem to be voices from the original sonic games in the dream cast, and that’s good.     Game play this time round I can happily say is really fast and back to the roots of sonic games, the speed factor which made the game really popular. The levels are huge and 2 screens makes for double the fun since one minute your speeding in the touch screen and the next minute you could be on the top screen. The way enemies are also designed makes the game harder to finish since they seem to have a life of their own, and can at times dodge your attacks. Also the game isn’t just about rushing through the game anymore, it take skill to get your power up bar full with tricks you got to do. And then the levels are designed so that you got to use a variety of moves to advance through making it even more exciting. Boss time is also an incredibly hard task because there isn’t a pattern of attack and they are quite versatile in surprising you. This time round sonic team really made it so that bosses aren’t beaten so easily and that’s a plus because a challenge is welcomed.   

This game so far has proved to be one hell of a challenge and I’m not ashamed to admit I only just got through to the third level as I type this. It’s   definitely proof of how hard the game is, and as I mentioned already a challenge, is always better than a game that you get bored with in hours. And that’s what is great about the game since it has a really involving storyline , honestly its just becomes addictive. Also when you finally manage to get through all levels with both characters, then you got the challenge of getting those illusive emeralds, and this only by finding the portals to the special levels inside the levels. And even though I managed to do one of them on the first act of level 1 I wouldn’t want to spoil it, but for saying you are going to be amazed how you get the emerald! Oh and not forgetting the multiplayer which is a race game that can be played with one or 2 cards , that will then determine the level played and so adds more to the game in a sense that you can play it with your mates.    

As a whole package sonic rush is one hot title for the ds, it can be seen that sonic team put in a lot of effort, to deliver only the best sonic experience to fans. Everything from the levels right down to music was carefully selected and it plays like it too! Sonic first foray into the ds has made it one of the bets ds titles available. It’s rare to have a game which pulls off graphics and game play but this game does it with ease. I would recommend anyone that wants a game that will keep you addicted to it for hours on end to buy it, because it’s a really extraordinaire experience.    Graphics 10/10 it pulls off really detailed 2D environments as well as full on 3D boss battles, plus the character sprites are fully 3D as well. . Sound   

10/10   in game soundtracks with lyrics and that are specially designed for each level. The character voices are also well done and a bonus to the game, in a way that it’s amusing to head Eggman curse at sonic after a battle an such Game play

10/10 it’s really addictive to play through levels in this game I tell you. The bosses are incredibly hard and well designed. There’s a lot to do after or during the game such as colleting the emeralds Lifespan  

 9/10   Sonic rush isn’t just about running forward anymore you got to have skill and think what your next move is. There are quite a lot of stages but perhaps after everything is finished the game might not be as fun, in the way that it won’t be as great to play though again. Still while it last which will be a long time to clock everything it will pleasantly surprise you in many ways. Overall   9.5/10  Sonic return to handheld sure is a success story that will appeal to most and that only didn’t get a 10 because once its finished chances are slim you’ll want to play through it all over again. Great all round and that makes it a must have title to get.

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