Sega Casino review

It’s a big gamble for sega’s new casino game but is it a full house for the game or was it just not worth the effort? Find out more in this review.


This game menu interface isn’t too complex in relation to other game’s available on the DS handheld. There is a lack of an options menu as well which is surprising as most games have them. In fact there’s only 2 clear choices in the game which are free and casino mode. The story is basically very simple and only involves players having to sum up a certain quantity of money in order to unlock specials.


When thinking of graphics the game isn’t doing anything groundbreaking. They are mainly 2D and with basic colours. There aren’t a lot of special effects either. But considering this is supposed to be a serious game about gamblers it does make sense that it doesn’t contain top graphics as game play comes first. What really impresses the most would be some of the pieces used such as the roulette that are solid and your regular gambling machine. Besides that nothing really happening that will capture a gamer attention.


As for sound it is clear and quite loud but lacking in quantity of in game tracks. Seriously there are only about 3 or 4 music tracks and these are quite short and will repeat for as long as the game is on . It’s disappointing as a few full tracks would have made the game so much more bearable to play for hours on end.


However when playing the game available players will be spoilt for choice. All the casino games are here in one package with real rules included.  It gets addictive to be playing a round of Texas hold and then without noticing, a whole hour has gone . Other games have the same effect and the competitive type of gamers will really get into the spirit of winning money to unlock even more special stages and other games. For any new gamers it’s handy to have the rules so well explained in a way that it wont feel like a first time. The 2 modes help too because free mode is just to practise for the real deal when players start using the casino mode. And finally it’s also great to be able to play 3 games with only one card up to 5 players in wireless download mode.


The game has some appeal to those that get hooked into the whole feeling of getting as much money as possible. It’s simple to use and even though it won’t be as flashy or fancy as other DS titles it makes up for in game play. Because it doesn’t have a lot of levels it won’t keep the best of players occupied for long. However it has the ability to be a party game with a lot of other users. And with the right price this game isn’t bad for any owner collection.


With this kind of game Sega could be doing a big mistake by not covering all the fan bases , as casino games are usually linked to a small minority of players. Seriously though it was worth it because  it isn’t complicated at all to any kind of players and also it can be fun to play and easy to understand .


Graphics 4/10 there’s nothing new that deserves a higher mark but fits in with the kind of game it is.


Sound 3/10 Lack of a variety of in game tracks and the ones available aren’t diverse or long enough


Game play 7/10 Many games to play through, easy to understand and a multiplayer mode makes it worth this mark


Lifespan 5/10 the extras to unlock and money collecting will be fun but not long enough for most gamers


Overhaul 6/10 this is a game which wont impress but the games are entertaining and for doing what its supposed to it deserves a 6. Also the multiplayer is incredible with up to 5 players in one card that’s just great. If you see this for a low price and doubt about getting it it will be worth it for the amount of games that can be played.


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